Vakshi’s story began in August 2016 when the company founder Mr Varun Singla noticed rampant food adulteration cases in India. Pesticides and fertilizers use had increased multifold since 1960’s (the advent of green revolution in India) . Chemicals, dyes &  growth hormones were getting injected  in Green vegetables, Fruits and Milk making them none less than poisons.Our Water and Air Ecosystems were in no better state affected badly by water and Air Pollution too.After an extensive research for 5 months on extent of Food Adulteration, Water pollution and Air Pollution , he laid down the foundation Vision for Vakshi.

Vision for  Smaridh Bharat- The Prosperous India.

In December 2016 , Vakshi got registered as Vakshi Enterprises with its specific goals for prosperous India –

  1. To check food adulteration and provide safe, pure and healthy Organic food for all.
  2. To check water pollution and work  toward cleaning our river systems.
  3. To check Air Pollution and work toward cleaning our air ecosystem.


Vakshi’s  Vision

Vakshi is a 21st Century Business revolution.

Vakshi carries a vision for “Smaridh Bharat – The Prosperous India”.


May All Eat Healthy Food.

May All Drink Healthy Water.

May All Breathe Healthy Air.


Career at Vakshi

A career With Vakshi could mean more than just Growth of Individuals as its Employee. Vakshi strongly believe that Job is only a means to acquire right skills and knowledge and after a brief period of service one must strive hard to build their own new businesses and work toward national growth and prosperity.Vakshi Supports endeavours of Young India in launching new startups based on innovation, hardwork and sheer persistence. Our Goal is not just to provide Jobs but to help people become self dependent having their own independent businesses after a brief period of service as our employees.

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