More than 22 Varieties of Indigineous cows have gone extinct.

Holy Cow doesn’t need our monetary donations, she just want us to use our intellect.

Stop feeding poisons to your children,wake up today,tomorrow may be too late Cow’s milk is an Elixir for our Children.

VAKSHI GAUANAND MILK 100% Pure Contact us today, for your healthy tomorrow.

Vakshi 0120-4267208,8397961061. Spna Smridh Bharat Ka

For more information please visit :


About vakshiorganic

Vakshi’s story began in August 2016 when the company founder Mr Varun Singla noticed rampant food adulteration cases in India. Pesticides and fertilizers use had increased multifold since 1960’s (the advent of green revolution in India) . Chemicals, dyes & growth hormones were getting injected in Green vegetables, Fruits and Milk making them none less than poisons.Our Water and Air Ecosystems were in no better state affected badly by water and Air Pollution too.After an extensive research for 5 months on extent of Food Adulteration, Water pollution and Air Pollution , he laid down the foundation Vision for Vakshi.
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